Thoughts on Blogging

Sorry I’m a bit late getting this posted today – it’s introspective and not terribly useful so I won’t be offended if you choose to skip and come back on Food Friday.


I’ll make a confession: I’ve started blogs before. Dozens of them, in fact. In the beginning I’m extremely passionate about the subject, excited to share what works for me and what I’ve learned.  But within a very short period of time, doubt sets in.

What is the point of writing a blog at all? More specifically, what’s the point of me writing a blog? I’m not an expert, not a particularly talented  person, so is it hubris to assume I have something worth sharing, worth reading?  My photos are nothing spectacular. Hell, I’m not even a particularly good writer – I can string together sentences using decent grammar, but I don’t have that flair that some authors do, the ability to truly connect with an audience and make them laugh or cry or get motivated.

Despite these doubts, I’m going to continue to blog about my Paris Project. It’s still in the early stage, so maybe my posts will become more uniquely useful as time goes on. Maybe one single post may help someone somewhere sometime down the road.  Or the blog may wind up in the bit-bucket of the internet, unnoticed and never mourned when it disappears.  Either way, though, I’m committed to seeing this through until we complete our year in Paris.

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