Food Friday: Leek Tart

I’ve been trying to introduce more variety into my lunches, which tend to default to a basic tossed salad with legumes.  At the very least I feel that a weekend can be made a bit more special with a slightly more gourmet meal.  To that end I decided to experiment with the Food Network’s Leek Tart.

I’m a very big fan of onion — as is The Mister fortunately! — so the idea of an entire savory pie based on cheese and onions appealed to me.   The best part of this type of meal is that it makes plenty of leftovers for quick meals during the week. Tarts pack in lunches quite well, too.



The final product turned out delicious and somewhat lower in calories than I expected considering how rich it was. After calculating the ingredients in MyFitnessPal and dividing the sum by eight, each slice came in at a reasonable 293 calories.

The vast majority of these calories can be traced to the pie crust — I used a store-bought crust as I have yet to master that particular skill.  My next iteration of this recipe may experiment with phyllo dough or another less calorie-dense option. Ultimately, though, if a substitute significantly detracts from the finished dish, I’ll simply make do with a smaller portion of the original yummy recipe.

I served the tart with a salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, pear and crushed walnuts with a homemade white wine vinaigrette dressing. How’s that for class?


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